Computer Sales and Service:

We listen to our customer’s needs and wants. Tricom provides sales and service of Desktops, Workstations, Notebooks, and Servers. Tricom uses Dell as our main source of computing hardware but will not limit or customers choices to just Dell. Depending on our customer’s needs and budget we can offer off lease computers as well as custom built units. Tricom can install either Microsoft or Linux operating systems.


Tricom provides a full line of solutions for your networking needs. We consult with our customers and provide them with options in choosing the right network solution for them. Using Copper Cabling, Fiber Optics, Wireless, Power Line, and the internet Tricom can make sure you get connected and stay connected. Our staff can help you sort out which solution or combination of solutions will fit your needs and budget. Using hardware from Leviton, APC, Netgear and others our technicians can build your network always making sure you have room to grow as your business grows.


Voice is one of the fastest changing technologies out there. Today’s phone systems are becoming more integrated with a company’s data network. Selecting your first phone system or upgrading from an existing system can be a daunting task. Now with being able to place calls over the internet where do you start?

Start with Tricom. Working in both the Data and Voice arenas, Tricom can help your company make the leap of convergence into this new era. Our staff can provide consultation, installation, training and service of your company’s phone system.


When you think of security two things come to mind. Having the ability to monitor and keep things out. Tricom offers physical surveillance and intrusion detection systems so you can monitor your assets whether they are buildings, equipment, or people. Using state of the art equipment from Axis and Optex, You can monitor from the comfort of your own desk.

You also need to monitor your network and computers, keeping out unwanted intrusions of the cyber kind. Using Firewalls from Sonicwall and Software from Symantec, Tricom helps you build a strong out perimeter while scanning for rogue viruses and or malware brought in from users on personal media. Tricom builds a solution for our customers that is scalable and grows as your company grows.

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